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Customer Feedback

"The quality of the product is excellent and I am very pleased."


"Love the fabric, designs and fit. My husband loves his new jim-jams."

Alyce Stephens

"The packaging was excellent."


"You guys are awesome! You took care of me right away and got my order to shipped to me free - in no time! Many thanks!"


"The products are fantastic, very pleased with shipping speed as they arrived very quickly. Thank you!!"

Anon, UK

"My husband is absolutely delighted with his beautiful red slippers, thank you very much for your excellent service and your excellent slippers."


"I love your pyjamas."

Anon, France

"The quality and comfort of these underclothes is unparalleled."

Anon, UK

"Great services. Great products."

Anon, Germany

"Excellent service all round."


"Excellent service by Mrs. Baker."

Anon, Germany

"I am very impressed by the speed of delivery & beautiful presentation of the items I ordered - the lovely boxes were not expected & a pleasant surprise. All in all a really good experience."

Frances, UK

"I was AMAZED by the super fast shipping from the UK to California in 3 days. Thank you so much, I really like the dressing gown!"

Tina Reilly, USA

"Keep going, your pajamas are the best."


"Your fabrics are excellent! Thank you very much!"

Alípio Marques

"Very happy."


"Sizing info on website was very helpful - everything fits. Products are beautiful and well made. Kudos to your order picker/packer - package arrived sooner than expected, with all items in excellent condition."


"Have already started picking out items for my next purchase. :)"


"Fay was extremely helpful on the phone and sent fabric samples.My son was delighted with the the dressing gown."


"The website looks great. Very pleased with the L size PJs, my only comment on the Arran tie waist is that they should have a button for the fly and one at the waist. Otherwise, the material and cut of the PJs are fantastic."


"Great shipping rate."


"Superior service and quality."


"Really good fabric, cut and quality, both pyjamas and underwear. Fast efficient service. A pleasure to buy, will be back for more."


"Was very impressed with efficiency of service and quality of product."


"A beautiful product for my husband to be! Bought as a little on the day gift. Love the presentation of the items in the beautiful box. Thank you! "

Anon, UK

"I needed help whilst making my online order so I phoned, I was very pleased with the assistance I received. My husband was delighted with his gift. Many thanks."

Jade Bagg, UK

"My wife said the ladies pyjamas I bought her are the best pyjamas (for everything: fit/comfort/feel) that she's ever had. Smashing! Thanks..."

Tom, UK

"Thank you so much for providing more silk in the underwear market! I have searched all the high-end department stores and could not find men's silk boxers. I appreciate your design and quality."


"I'm really pleased with the quality of your products and the quality of your customer service."


"The service was very good ...we received the products the next day!"

Anon, Netherlands

"Kudos to Fay Baker in customer service, courteous, helpful and professional!"


"This is an exceptional garment. The fabric and workmanship are superior to the products offered by your competitors. I only wish that your clothing line was offered for sale by more American luxury retailers."


"From time of order to dispatch and arrival in HK was very fast and efficient, set a new record. Well done."


"I was amazed at the offer of help was forthcoming so quickly and I cannot praise enough the care and attention I received - so rare these days."

Anon, UK

"I am pleased with the items I purchased as well as the customer services."

Anon, Canada

"Very quick delivery to Spain."

Jonathan Hawkins, Spain

"The magnet 'button' on the cotton boxer shorts is a wonderful invention!"

Anon, UK

"I wear suits every day to work and love coming home to Derek Rose loungewear!"


"I couldn't possibly be any more effusive than I have been in answering the above three questions! Your products are excellent and your service is superb. Thank you."

Peter L. Wagstaff

"Very satisfied."


"These tie-waist pyjamas are the only ones my elderly father will wear, so we are very glad you offer them, on an easy to use website!"

Anon, UK

"It was a pleasure to shop and receive exactly what I wanted in a quick and fashionable manner. I will certainly be shopping with Derek Rose in the future."

Martin, Australia

"Very prompt delivery. Many thanks."


"I will be making purchases in future with you - very satisfied."


"Happy with the service received. The reason I bought your products is that I bought similar products 18 years ago and I still have them. I returned for the quality of the products."


"It was a present for my brother. He was absolutely pleased! It fitted very well. Something I couldn't find over here."

Mrs D'Aubioul, Belgium

"Impressive shipping time!"


"You cannot buy in the whole world the quality that Derek Rose provides."


"Wonderful brand, fabrics are exquisite."


"I would particularly like to thank Fay Baker in Customer Services for her assistance with my purchase."

Janis, UK

"Thank you for dispatching the goods promptly, and packaging them neatly."


"Great produce and I will shopping with you again."

Stuart Manning, UK

"I phoned with a query, then subsequently placed an online order. The lady I spoke to checked the dressing gown fabric and noted it was heavier than I wanted. She followed up by email and phone and I ended up changing the order. Wonderful service just days out from Christmas. And beautiful presentation in the box. Thanks."


"A great service."

Sophie Peters

"The shopping experience was wonderful. Very well-designed website, and maybe two days from placing the order my package was already in the USA. The quality of your products is also wonderful, and the men in my life are very pleased with their presents. Will definitely order from your website again!"


"Absolutely first class service and also first class products."


"Beautifully presented quality garment - I was so proud giving this as a gift to my husband - thank you."

Anon, UK

"I ordered 2 sets of pyjamas for my husband for his birthday and he loves them! The order came to Toronto, Canada very quickly, and even with the customs clearance, we received the goods within a week. Great service and beautiful product."

Anon, Canada

"My husband loves his gift."


"I am very pleased with your quality of goods, website, packaging, and shipping."


"Great packaging, wonderful product. Lovely to buy my boyfriend sexy underwear for a change!!"


"Great modern fabrics!"


"Tremendous web design, possibly the best I've used."


"I would very highly recommend you to family and friends based on both the quality of the items you sell and the exceptional service I received. Thank you."

John Jones

"It's a great service that you can order them one day and receive them the next. I'll certainly be buying more Derek Rose."


"I was very happy with the shopping experience. My husband loves his new robe."

Anon, Canada

"Very speedy delivery -faultless!!"


"I was very impressed that for such a minimal shipping fee with only a few days to go until christmas that our pajamas made it to Arkansas from London! The pajamas are simply beautiful. Deep rich color and superior quality fabric. I was looking online for "upscale" pajamas for men. I'm bored with the same few things available in sleepwear for men. I happened upon the Derek Rose site and loved it instantly. I especially loved how the website allowed you to zoom in on the fabric. The pajamas took on a whole new life. You truly can't appreciate the color and fabric detail simply by looking at the pajamas as a whole. The web site is brilliant. Wonderful customer service. I received an email the very next morning thanking me for my order and informing me my order was being personally picked out and being shipped. When the order arrived I was simply blown away at the packaging! I still can't bring myself to get rid of the beautiful box they came in! This will definitely not be our last pair of pajamas from Derek Rose! Beautiful fit, superior quality in merchandise and service! Above and beyond impressed!"


"It was very good to be able to speak to your very helpful staff on the phone."


"Bought Lewis 1, good fit, nice feel."

Mats Lidgren

"My husband loves his new underwear! This is his first pair from your brand."


"Order made by telephone. Response was knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. Delivery by UPS received within 24 hours. Outstanding service - couldn't be better."


"My husband loves his new pajamas and I look forward to having my own in the near future!"

Carla Barsachs

"Your products are exceptional."

Marc Giusti

"For your information my husband wears a dressing gown that belonged to my father. It would have to be at least 45 years old. It was wearing out thus my interest in replacing it. The material looks exactly the same; the only difference is that the lapels were plain . So a credit to the quality of your product!!"

Carol Richardson

"Very swift delivery, excellent packing."


"Love your products! Just fabulous."


"The tartan dressing gown I bought is a Christmas present so cannot wait to see my my partner unwrapping and opening the lovely box it came in! Thank you!"


"Very easy to use your on line service and I am very pleased with the pyjamas I purchased from you."


"How nice to ring up and talk to a real person like your very helpful and efficient Fay Baker. Delighted with the elegant pyjamas I received the next day."


"The overall service was truly excellent. I received fabric samples in the post within a day of requesting them and when I had trouble ordering online (only 1 pair of chosen pyjamas available when 2 required) I telephoned with my order. I had a proper conversation with a very nice person and the order promptly within two days. Thank you!"

Mary, Ireland

"Your shipping was extremely fast to Switzerland - three days from ordering to having :-)"

Petra Schoop, Switzerland



"The packaging is beautiful, very elegant."


"I love your garments."

Paul Webster

"Very good service by the same lady I had dealt with recently when enquiring about an item that was not listed in your web-site. I will be using your firm's services again!"


"First class service."

Jeffrey Maddox

"Extremely professional site. Love the dressing gown."


"I encountered a slight issue with my recent order and Fay Baker was wonderful assisting in resolving it."


"Site was easy to use."


"My parcel arrived very quickly and the packaging was delightful. The quality of the pyjamas is second to none, I shall most certainly be returning to your site again."


"Great quality of pyjamas."


"Great packaging. Excellent delivery time. 48 hours."


"Great packaging. Excellent turnaround time; 48 hours."


"UPS problems (dreadful courier) mean order has been returned to you. However my problem has been answered by yourselves and package now awaited via Royal Mail."


"The packaging and presentation were beautiful!"


"Superb service. I will order again soon."

Philip Hardy

"The packaging is first class. I will buy again from you."


"Was very impressed with the service. Ordered by telephone and the dressing gown arrived the next day. Husband is delighted with his dressing gown. Would definitely use again."


"Very fast delivery - impressive."

Anon, Denmark

" Great service and quick delivery."


" Love the product."


" Top-notch online shopping experience with rapid shipment and delivery. Premium experience, which matches the quality of your brand."


" Husband is delighted with his nightshirts, continually praising their warmth and attractiveness and freedom of movement."


" Best online shopping experience I've had in a long time - made me feel as if I was in your shop. I appreciated the discount as a new customer and the fact that you have a reliable shipping service to Germany."

Anon, Germany

" Excellent service, great product and terrific packaging."

Anon, Canada

" I will be pleased to shop with you again."


"I found the online shopping experience positive. The customer service team was exceptional in replying to emails."


"I was amazed how quickly my order from the UK arrived in Canada. My orders from the USA take twice or three times as long. My husband has been wearing your pajamas for years. This is the first time that I have ordered on line. Wonderful experience!"


"The night shirt is very comfortable and joins the three others that I purchased some time ago."


"Amazing Performance: I placed my order in the afternoon - delivery (London-Vienna, Austria) was announced next mornig and done at noon. Lovely wrapping!"

Anon, Austria

"Fay Baker was wonderful, what ever you do make sure you keep her with you, over the years she has been wonderful , nothing is too much trouble for her to please your customers."


"Fabulous product, Fabulous fast shipping!"


"Derek Rose is a quality brand but profile of the brand is no known to all. Quality products for a quality rest."


"I initially ordered the wrong code online and when I discovered my mistake and contacted your sales staff by telephone, the lady I dealt with could not have been more helpful and the order arrived the following morning exactly as I requested."


"Amazing fast delivery -- within 24 hours of ordering!"

Anon, France

"Your packaging is wonderful."


"I was happy with the product received."


"Loved the experience as much as the pajamas."


"The quality of the material and the cut (nightshirt in particular) are outstanding."

Ben Davies

"Nice speedy delivery - delivered when it was expected."


"I was surprised how quickly the delivery arrived."


"The Arctic pyjamas are soft and comfortable and the size is perfect."

Anon, Sweden

"I am very pleased with your fast and secure delivery method."

Anon, Australia

"The cotton is good quality and I am very pleased with it."


"Very fast and reliable delivery."

Anon, Germany

"The delivery time was perfect."

Anon, France

"My husband is delighted with the garments from both a practical and fashionable point of view. He tells me the nightshirts are very comfortable to wear and sleep in. All in all we are extremely satisfied with our purchases and service, plus the ease of ordering online and rapid delivery."


"Speedy delivery, thanks."

Serge Mussard, France

"Thanks to Fay. Fantastic product (P.J.s) and service from Fay. Was a very good on line shopping experience, Many thanks. Will be back!"

Glen Boyce

"Well done! It's nice to see things done properly."

Pamela Hattersley

"The delivery was very quick (next day)."


"A very efficient service. I ordered online on a Sunday afternoon and the products were delivered to my office in Dublin on the following Tuesday midday."

Ronan Murphy, Ireland

"Keep up the good work!"


"Thank you for your excellent service."


"Good product."


"Products seem to be excellent quality."


"As the saying goes "long after the price is forgotten the quality remains"."


"As a first time buyer I was impressed with the service. My husband loved his birthday present which arrived in time."


"The lady who arranged my 10% discount when I forgot to enter it online, was very helpful."


"Beautiful packaging!"


"Impressed with speed of delivery to ROI."


"The quality of the sewing and good fabrics are what keep me coming back."


"My order arrived extremely fast and I was very happy with it."


"Keep up the good work which I'm sure you'll do. Thank you."


"It was a real pleasure. Derek Rose is really customer minded!"


"I love your pajamas, they are the best! Trust me when I say that no one loves pajamas and nightshirts more than me! There are so many products you make that I want desperately! I always tell anyone who will listen that Derek Rose makes the best pjs. More men should wear them, so many guys don't know what they are missing. I try to educate people on the greatness of your sleepwear! Keep up the excellent work!"

Johnny Woodruff

"You're doing a fine job."

Anon, Italy

"Most pleasant experience."


"I thought the quality and design of the products were great."


"The packaging was just beautiful! I saved it for my husband to unwrap rather than just put the items away. Very nice, I'm glad I didn't order from SFA or Neiman Marcus, just to get the whole experience! Thank you."


"Most comfortable pants I have ever owned."


"I'm very satisfied by your products and service."

Nik Paraskevas

"Exceptionally fast delivery to Norway."

Anon, Norway

"My husband has had a beloved pair of your pyjamas for over 10 years, and finding the exact pair again was amazing!"


"I am amazed at the speed my purchase arrived. Really wonderful. It arrived faster than items purchased in the U.S.A. Thank you."

Maryanne Carboni

"My husband will only wear your pyjamas!"

Anne Driver

"Thanks for exceptional shopping experience. Highly recommended."


"Outstanding product design and quality. Customer for life."


"The package arrived quickly."


"Package arrived promptly and safe."


"I'm very sad that you will no longer produce pyjamas for boys. We are fans of Derek rose and all the family is wearing your products. Excellent quality."


"I was delighted."


"Lovely product as usual, and excellent service - all of 3 days from order to delivery in Sydney!"

Anon, Australia

"Very good quality. I look forward to wearing them when winter starts."


"Product packaging excellent - classy as befits the dressing gown inside!"

Anon, UK

"I think the Pyjamas are quite excellent, and would recommend them to everyone."

Anon, UK

"My wife was pleased with the robe, so I'm pleased."


"I love the good quality of fabrics chosen."


"Great prices in sale."


"Probably the best materials for underwear on the market today. The sizes are very big. I'm usually medium/large, and was small with you. Maybe some people wouldn't spot this and order the wrong size - easy to do!"


"We just love your products!"


"We had a delivery problem with UPS, and within a very short time of contacting your service desk, they resolved the problem without extra cost. Well done."


"Very fast delivery!"


"An investment for me, but always worth it."

Anon, Finland

"Having always enjoyed the luxurious feel of D R Nightwear I am pleased the Co is embracing modern times and lifestyle with naturally clothing range."

Geoffrey Balls

"Overall experience is excellent. Your website is nice and your products are excellent."


"The ease of the process from choosing to ordering to the delivery was a delight."

Alistair Ian MacGregor

"Very fast delivery. Most impressive!"


"You have really high quality products, and a great website."


"Your products are always of unrivalled quality. Sadly they are no longer available in Scotland in Jenners of Edinburgh (now sadly part of the House of Fraser Group) and Aitken & Niven of Edinburgh (now sadly just a school uniform outfitter). I am therefore delighted to be able to purchase your products online."

Anon, Scotland

"I am happy"

Anon, Luxembourg

"This was my second order. The online experience was flawless. The material was exceptional. The delivery time was great. You retained this client."


"The delivery was exceptionally fast and the product is beautiful. Thank you very much again!"


"Very quick delivery to Australia."

Anon, Australia

"Wonderful, super fast shipping. I just wish the customs fee could be prepaid because UPS delivers the package as COD, and they cannot leave the package unless the recipient is at home at the time of delivery. Overall excellent experience."


"Good service - excellent quality of products."

Anon, France

"I could not find the product I wanted - Savile Collection Pyjamas searching your website so had to place the order by phone. Your sales person was very helpful and found the product for me."


"I have always liked your nightshirts, especially the one I purchased. I am glad that you have not changed or dropped the design from your line. I was having trouble finding it in NY and am glad it is so easy to purchase it directly from the source."


"Looking forward to making additional orders. Great service!"


"The boxer shorts ordered are as good as illustrated."


"Very fast service. Excellent. Thank you."


"I have bought pyjamas from you and am pleased with the quality and fit."

Chris McLoughlin

"I am impressed. Keep up the good work!"

Stephen Baker

"Very happy"


"Excellent customer support!"


"Easy to navigate website, fantastic delivery service, great quality products! Very happy."


"To me Derek Rose means the finest luxury robes available and I depend on you for that. I just hope you will keep up your commitment to this cornerstone of your collection. Thank you for making the best."


"Flawless, is the word!"


"Good staff, quick and easy to order with."


"The products were beautiful and I couldn't believe how quickly they arrived. I will be back."


"An excellent website which was simple to use. The items arrived extremely well packaged and the product was, as always, exemplary."


"As always: great service and perfect products!"

Anon, Netherlands

"Service received: excellent, always ships overnight to Switzerland."

Anon, Switzerland

"Excellent all round."

Bradley Viljoen

"All good. Very happy, thank you."

Anon, Australia

"Shipping and fees to US are very costly, but the merchandise is well worth it. My husband is delighted with the 4 pair of pajamas purchased from Derek Rose."

Dorothy Pledger, USA

"Your service is Savile Row! I am resident in France now, and loved having found you online. Plan to visit your site asap. I now feel like Bertram Wooster!"


"Wonderful products and excellent service will definately purchase again."

Carolyn Bryce

"Really quick delivery to Germany!"

Thomas, Germany

"Good comfortable fit and suitable cool for summer nights."


" Your online site is very good, not cluttered. Very satisfied."


" Super fast delivery - absolutely perfect! Thank you again."

Anon, Switzerland

"Pleased to be able to order from Ireland, and have sent directly to Brussels. This saves me the postage. Very pleased by speed of delivery to Brussels."

Barbara Taylor

"My telephone enquiries were dealt with in a very helpful and friendly manner."


"Men's pyjamas are always wonderful!"


"Really high quality products, exactly what I was after, coupled with excellent, high speed service. Thank you!"


"These have been my favorite slippers for years, but I could not find them until I found Derek Rose. They are even more pleasing than I remember, and I will probably be back soon for another pair. Plus... your fast shipping makes it hard to believe that you are across the "great pond"."


"We are always delighted with the quality of the items and the prompt delivery. Wish other companies would follow suit!"

Rosalyn Weinman

"Astonishing service to Vancouver. Ordered pyjamas from England Friday evening and received them Tuesday afternoon. Quite a culture shock, but a very pleasant one. We scoured local stores for months in vain and like dealing direct with you and will continue."

Peter Speck, Canada

"The sales transaction was by phone. Service was outstanding."


"Just a pleasure to have the option of online or telephone shopping, with exceptionally helpful sales staff to advise. Thank you!"

Tina Waugh

"I know your products since many, many years and appreciate your high quality. Compliments also for the good and fast delivery."

Franco Ditel, Italy

"Super ware, super service, kann ich nur empfehlen"

Anon, Germany

"I was very impressed with the speed of delivery and the beautiful presentation of the items, one of which was a present for my husband and the rest a first DR purchase for myself after years of pyjama envy! I not sure how long the women's range has been available but I'm hooked!"


"Thank you for your excellent customer service and very fine products."

Anon, Finland

"Thank you for making such beautiful sleep wear. Sleeping is a new luxury."


"Super Qualität, super Service TOP"

Anon, Germany

"Brilliant service, fast shipping, and excellent quality products!"

Anon, Australia

"The lady I spoke to on the telephone was very helpful. The purchase I made was going to be a birthday gift. Unfortunately this particular dressing robe did not come in a signature box, but she had it packed in signature tissue, ribbon and carrier which I was very pleased with. It is lovely to see good old fashioned customer service still exists. I will definitely be purchasing more from your wonderful products for future gifts etc. I was recommended by my daughter who lives in London who had purchased from you previously. Thank you for a wonderful online shopping experience."


"Next day delivery greatly appreciated."


"Surprised by the quick deliverence."

Anon, Sweden

"The best pyjamas my husband has ever had. The fabric is superbly soft. I will probably be coming back for more. Quality."


"I love the collection, the material, and especially the after-sale service. I hope you keep it up."


"Excellent merchandise, great that the sizing is so accurate and reliable for online orders."


"You did an excellent job, really. I was especially impressed by the speed of the delivery."


"All was perfect, thank you."

Anon, France

"I couldn't manage purchasing on line but it could be me not you!! Telephoned and spoke to helpful lady. Delighted with the dressing gown and prompt delivery. Thank you."

Angela Satchwell

"Great Service - Great PJs - Thanks so much."

Donald Hanko

"Amazing,unbelievable! Ordered:6-03, Delivered:next day 7-03 at 11.00 am. Superb quality. Many thanks. A very satisfied customer."

Jan Dekker

"Perfect in all aspects! Thank you!"


"I will continue to purchase with you!"

Antonio Holstein

"What can I say, order one day and it's here in Athens within 48 hours, excellent. The boxers are well made, especially the cloth covered elastic as I have an allergic reaction to the elastic. If I was to try and make a constructive criticism it would be that I find that the cloth used is slightly flimsy, but that apart will now look no further than Derek Rose."

Gordon Beveridge, Greece

"Wonderful merchandise. Expensive, but wonderful."


"Quick shipping to US - thank you."

Michelle, USA

"Thank you, it was a great pleasure buying online."


"Absolute super product, absolute super service! Thank you!"

Anon, Switzerland

"All in all very happy with the product!"

Svetlana Sorochan, Russia

"I found the lady who answered your customer phone line extremely helpful, following which I found the online shopping experience excellent. Your packaging was also admirable. Although I would have bought your pyjamas anyway, I have decided I would sooner buy them online direct from Derek Rose than bother with store shopping again. Well done!"

L. Werth

"Shipping speed was amazing!"


"I am very pleased."


"Both your products and service are very good; I received a swift response when there was difficulty with the online ordering system."

Geoffrey Consolvo

"Your speed in shipping to Switzerland is absolutetly extraordinary; never experienced before anything like that! And your Basel quality is simply amazing. I'm so crazy about it that I already ordered twice some more of them!!! Thank you very much, awesome!"

Doelf Weder

"You made up four sets of 3XL short pyjamas for me......a delightful lady handled the order ...such a pleasure. I shall be back for more."

Hugh Wyatt

"Having lived in London, I know the brand and quality since a long time. Wonderful sleepwear."

Christophe, France

"My husband, usually quite hard to please with clothing purchases, was extremely happy with the dressing gown particularly re sizing and the workmanship. Thank you :)"



Beth Stonberg

"Thank you for the prompt delivery. I'm satisfied with the garment I purchased. I look forward to placing my next order with you."


"The free (and really fast!) international shipping is very nice!"

S. Krutzinna

"The shoes i purchased are top quality and your service is second to none."


"Excellent - I have been purchasing your pyjamas for 3O + years."


"Good, helpful staff on the phones, prompt service on returns. Products are expensive, but are well made and hopefully will prove to be of good value."

Thomas Bewick

"Keep up the great work and products."


"Beautiful quality products, excellent finish. Prompt and pleasant customer service."

Anon, Ireland

"I very much like your pyjamas, especially the colourful ones. Your service is excellent too."


"Will definately be back again in future."


"Conventional pyjamas for an old man. Competitive price. Great poplin."


"Delivery to USA was so fast! Your packaging is beautiful and such good quality. The Dressing Gown is exquisite. We are quite pleased with the quality of the fabric and construction. Our search for high quality men's nightwear is over! Thank you."


"Very quick reply to my email."


"I'd be open to buying boxer shorts in even heavier fabrics, but I like the items I received. Thanks!"


"Love your products!"


"My husband is very happy with the long pyjamas and the dressing gown."


"My husband loves the dressing gown - fabric is really good."


"Shipping was very fast, even though it was around the holidays! My boyfriend loved the pajamas! Thank you!"


"The reply to my email enquiry was answered by return and the problem was sorted efficiently and immediately."


"The gown was a Xmas present for my husband so had to wait for him to open it. Beautiful packaging - shame to throw the box away and very quick delivery. Was worried about it getting to Oz in time but had plenty of time. Wish you did a lighter weight, shorter & wide sleeve version for summer here - more like a plain Kimono. We can get them here but they are cheap rubbish. Let me know if you do and I will buy one."

Linda, Australia

"No, I have nothing to complain - I am sure it will not be the last time I am buying something from your company."


"The online shopping wasn't working properly so I rang in for assistance where the service was excellent. Pajamas are gorgeous."


"Your product is always top class quality."


"This is the ultimate luxury. My husband feels like a king when I purchase pajamas for him for Christmas every year. Thank you for the quick delivery too!"


"Excellent product with excellent service. I will gladly shop again from your store."

Nick Paraskevas

"Excellent delivery in a very short time delay."

Anon, France

"You have a great product."


"Superb quality and fit as usual well done."

Andrew Olley

"Very good service."

Anon, Italy

"Superb quality and wonderful (red) colour!"

Anon, Germany

"It really is a pleasure to do shopping with you. You and the staff have personalised our contacts in a most agreeable manner. Thank you for the prompt service and the quality of the garment for an Xmas gift to my daughter-in law who is delighted."

Hon Harold Allison, Australia

"The products were purchased as a gift, so I'm not sure how he will like them, but the quality and packaging are excellent to my eye. Shipping oversees was also very fast! Impressive!"


"Beautifully packed and fast delivery of the order."


"These are a Christmas gift. I am anxious to see what my husband thinks. I appreciated all the email help."


"These are a Christmas present, so I am hoping that like other items purchased from you that they will be excellent quality and value for money."


"We really appreciated the quality of the product (and the packaging) and were also impressed by the speed of delivery."


"Shipping was very fast and to my satisfaction."

Thomas Petraccaro

"Christmas present so have not unwrapped yet but impressed with delivery service as other items ordered online were not able to deliver on time. Husband likes quality so sure he will be absolutely delighted."

Bridget Lee

"Shipping was very fast (for this time of year) and nicely packaged. I can't necessarily speak for the products themselves - yet. They are Christmas presents :)"


"Beautiful packaging!!"


"Looked for such a long time for this kind of pyjama - DELIGHTED at having found the perfect solution.."


"I was exceedingly pleased, thank you."


"Cant rate product as yet until Christmas, Silk Pyjamas are a gift, however the buying and ordering and delivery were first class."

James Vernon White

"Well packaged and presented on arrival. My husband loves the items, particularly as the material is so comfortable."


"Great, very nice contact by the lady at phone by my bad english. It will be great, if you can have a translation in german"

Anon - Germany

"I loved the presentation this gift came in. So lovely!"


"Very happy thank you and Merry Christmas."

Mary Harris - France

"My item got to me amazingly quick, so pleased with that. I live in the US & it got to me before any of my other gifts I ordered from other sites on the same day."

Jacqueline Diaz

"Very positive, was quick delivery."

Olga Kluge

"The shipping was extremely fast."

Petra Schoop, Switzerland

"Super Ware, super Service."

Anon, Germany

"Fay is an excellent PR and very efficient sales girl, congratulations."


"Keep up the good work please!"


"Felicitations pour le traitement et l'envoi tres rapide de la commande.Bravo."

Eric Canipel - France

"Great product.Super fast international shipping.Will buy again."


"First class service and would definitely recommend you."


"The slippers are a Christmas present for my husband so he has not seen them yet but they are the quality or more than I expected and I am sure my husband will be delighted with them."


"A very likeable experience, service and dispatch very speedy. Thank you very much. Grateful thanks."

John Stephens

"Excellent quality loungewear with speedy delivery. I purchase from your site ever year and will continue to do so."

Joanne Pennington

"The package arrived in two days. Very Good!"

Anon - Denmark

"Good day! I am glad that use the services of your store. Very good quality product. Excellent and fast service. Thank you very much for your work. Regards, Stanislav"

Stanislav Osadchiy- Russia

"I would enjoy seeing a an expanded ladies' line of robes. While I know of your quality products, having purchased a pair of your top-drawer pajamas in the past, I visited your site with the intention of finding something for my bride. True to form, though, I found something for myself.... She'll have to settle for jewelry...."

H. Thomas

"Excellent goods and service cannot fault and will use again. thank you."


"Merry Christmas to you!"

Anon - Italy

"Keep up the good work! It's a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you."


"Outstanding quality product with fine workmanship. Beautifully packaged and boxed plus safe and efficient shipping. Many thanks."

Tony Whitney

"Your delivery service is amazingly quick, almost unbelievable. I always wonder, how you manage it, to deliver goods from England to Germany in 2 days or even the next day?!"

Theresia Sonnabend

"Keep up the good work! It's a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you."


"Fay was so helpful and her product knowledge was invaluable. Thank you"

Jose - UK

"Super Qualität, super Service, einfach Super"


"helpful and freindly telephone advice."

Peter Cartmel

"Fay was extremely helpful."


"The t-shirts are great. I wish Derek Rose was readily availble in US stores. Or the total could be give in US dollars."


"I have bought things from Derek Rose in the past, but you have sort of slipped from my mind and I only started looking again after seeing an article in the Sunday Times style section (I think) which referenced Mr Porter. didn't look on their site, but came straight to you. I am toying with getting my 18 year old son and husband PJ's too (the last ones were for my father and father-in-law - if they don't improve marital harmony I don't know what will!)


"Wonderful packages, makes the items that much more special as presents."

Jan O'Leary

"The process was very straightforward even for a silver surfer."


"A pleasurable experience to deal with you. Goods arrived in very rapid time."


"Thank you very much for the excellent service and the special help with the payment.."


"I really appreciate the nice box that the pyjamas came in - it will be very nice to use when presenting these as a gift to my husband. The items were also very well packaged and arrived in top condition."

Ms J Stanley

"It's good to find a English company with quality products in good colours. If you manufactured in the UK, that would make me ecstatic."

Sue Mallides

"I usually buy your products from Selfriges, so this is the first time I have used your online mail order service and I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of delivery."

Mari Marston

"A very easy to navigate website and very prompt delivery."

Alison John

"Excellent service and products - really superb."

Georgina Howard

"Why couldn't we order more than 1 pyjama of the same model? Or be alerted to the fact that only one unit of a particular model is available? Other than that, the shopping experience was outstanding!!"

Martin Shof

"Wonderful item - fantastic service - Thanks so much!"

Donald Hanko

"Husband has been buying your pyjamas from Henry Bucks for years, quality so good thought I'd try your ladies wear. Was impressed with the fast delivery - from placing the order to courier delivery in Sydney it took 3 days."

Anon - Australia

"I am very pleased with the product and the service I received"


"Delighted with quality, fit and style of the 2 pairs winter weight pyjamas I purchased for my (now 101-year old) father. Your service was prompt and indeed prese and presentation was really nice.... I was impressed! Question: Any chance Derek Rose will manufacture men's underwear - specifically trunks in soft wool for Winter warmth?"


"Too early to give an 'excellent' score all round, but very happy with the items so far."

A. B. Mckinnon - UK

"delivery incredibly fast!"


"I would have wished the two pyjamas i ordered would have been wrapped seperatley and not in one gift box, the gift box was lovely but when giving as separate presents a bit unpractical. Otherwise very nice!"


"Fast service. Superb packaging and beautifully put together. Most impressive."

Anon - UK

"I love the packaging. The package looks so beautiful with the ribbons and sturdy window boxes. This makes a lovely gift to someone. The feel of the luxurious material is what makes me come back time and again. My 'other half' would not sleep in anything else but Derek Rose products. Thank you so much!"


"It really was an excellent service that I would gladly recommend and re-use. The dressing gown actually looks even better than it did on your website. And it was delivered to my door in Dublin the day after I ordered it."

Anon - Dublin

"From start to finish your service and product surpassed itself."

Maggie Cole

"I really appreciate care about the detail like packaging and great quality of the product. I will definitely shop with you again and recommend to my friends. Thank you."


"I am over 60 and reluctant to shop online, but needing your product I do so and it was fantastic - including speedy delivery to Austraia. Well done!!"

Trish Bainbridge

"Keep up the good work!"


"Thank you for your help in finding and sending our recent order of pyjamas. We are very pleased with this order."


"Great pyjamas, really comfortable. Would be good if you had a few more colour/pattern options, particularly in the short pyjamas."

Ben Spargo

"Will use you again. And thank you."

G. Davies

"Very happy with the quality of the product and very happy with delivery service."

R. Isaachsen

"Will be purchasing more,superb product."


"Extremely quick delivery - ordered one morning - delivery the next! I have asked in the shop - Ferner Jacobsen - for weeks if they could get me this product for my husband - in vain. Online shopping seems to be the answer to our need in the future."

Marianne - Norway

"Everything went very smoothly and I will not hesitate to use your website again."

Anon - Sweden

"Everything was entirely satisfactory, thank you."

Rachel Garrett - UK

"Order came from overseas faster than domestic delivery. Great Products."

Marc Owens

"Excellent says it all."

C. McCarthy - UK

"Excellent "old fashioned" service; quality products. Thank you. Glad to have found you."

John Byrne

"Very easy, helpful shopping experience."

C. McCarthy - UK

"I hope you will continue to have a boy's line of products."

Carl Peder

"Order arrived very quickly!"

Jenny Coffey

"I am having to return a product, as I ordered the wrong size,, so lets see how Derek Rose, behave, and living in New Zealand....I have every confidence they will shine!"

D. Burdon - New Zealand

"My recent purchases are, as usual, quite unchanged in quality and value. Today, after so many years, with constantly changing fashions, it is good to see the ongoing commitment to high standards and implicit workmanship employed and inherent in all Derek Rose offerings. Your Co., and all staff are to be applauded for your devotion to sheer quality and design. May it long continue."

R. Baxendale Waring Butler - UK

"Free shipping over 200 pounds was a nice plus feature. Order arrived quickly!"


"My wife and I love the style and quality of your products. Yours for life!"


"Fast shipping, nice packing. Very highly recommended, thank you!"

W. A. Keller - Switzerland

"The new products we recently bought are such good quality we will be ordering more today!"

N. Wilson - Dubai

"I'll surely come back to Derek Rose to buy some more items."

Martin Schmidt - Denmark

"Hello, Bought yesterday at 15 o'clock, received delivery today... at 15 o'clock! And to the far south of France. It is fantastic!! Thank you, and congratulations for your excellent products."

Anon - France

"Easy to order and very fast delivery. Thank you."


"speed of delivery is much appreciated."


"Have used your products for several years and this should speak for itself!"

Anon - UK

"Unbelievably prompt delivery, very happy."


"The shipment arrived three days after my order waas placed!!"

Anon - Denmark

"Expensive clobber! Nearly worth it. The item I bought (1 t-shirt) is fantastic fabric, excellent cut, and accurate colour (to the colour shown online), but at nearly 60 pounds, I doubt I'll be returning. I'll revisit when I get a pay raise."

Donald Marsh - UK

"My Derek Rose products are all of the highest quality and comfort, and represent, in my opinion, the best of British craftsmanship. I`m so satisfied with my shopping experience! Thank you!"


"The entire experience of shopping with you directly was very easy and I was impressed at the beautiful packaging and how quickly the order was received."

Gerard Hunter

"First class service, as always."

Russell Willis - UK

"I was very happy with my dressing gown. It is product of a very good quality, gives me a feeling of luxury. I would recomend."


"The whole experience was effortless and the items arrived very quickly which was ideal as I had not place the order as quickly as I meant to. Thank you for the excellent service."

Emma Holbech

"I love my new Pyjama from Derek Rose :)"

Andreas Oselini - Sweden

"The two Natural t-shirts I bought came out of the wash still lovely and soft and in shape. The quality is second to none and I will be buying more in the future."

Debbie - UK

"Goods arrived very promptly. The returns/exchange process was equally efficient and hassle-free. Well done."

Sally Ann Phillips

"Everything was wonderful and will be ordering from you again in the near future"

Anon - UK

"I ordered very late for a birthday present but not only did it arrive a day ahead of time but the night shirt was of fantastic quality and was much appreciated by the recipient"

Pat - UK

"Amazing quality of Basel 1 fabric. The only concern was the size of Basel 1 denim trouser which was much bigger than expected, but this was easily solved by a bigger and dear member of the family that happily wears then now. We will be delighted to try more of your products. Thank You!"


"The robe was bought for my husband and he is delighted with the quality of it."

K. Winsor - UK

"Thoroughly british tradition in service AND quality ..."

Jules Harsh

"CONGRATULATIONS, excellent follow up & assistance, speedy delivery, my best www shoping experience, ever. THANK YOU."

Anon - Switzerland

"I bought small as I am a 38ins chest and 31ins waist. The jacket is perfect and the leg length is perfect. The waist is on the tight side and so I have had to loosen it by one button. A draw fasten waist would have been a better alternative. However I am more than happy with the product. The quality, fabric, colour and design is first class."

Anon - UK

"I decided to try a pair of the boxer shorts and they're terrific. The next time Derek Rose has a sale, I'll be ordering more of them. (The free shipping was a huge - and welcome - saving!) I've always been pleased with purchases that I've made at Derek Rose."

John Butcher

"First class pyjamas althoigh rather expensive. Nevertheless I continue to buy them."


"Thank you very much again for your quick delivery and your excellent service !"

Daniel Schubert - Denmark

"The size I required initially was unavailable. I contacted your company and found your customer service to be exceptional - the item I requested was made available literally within minutes. My order was then delivered the following day. Couldn't get better than that!"

Penny Grimley - UK

"Excellent product purchased with ease - and a very speedy service. Thanks."

John Cupper - UK

"Speed of delivery outstanding!!"

Anon - Australia

"Very impressed with the speed of delivery on the online service. And the e-mail customer service was also first class. thanks!"

N. Wilson

"The goods arrived next day. Very Good."


"I have entered 'Acceptable' as I haven't had the oportunity to wear the garment under the conditions anticipated during warm/hot weather, but as with products previously purchased from your company I am confident the latest item will meet the 'Excellent' rating at the appropriate time."


"100per cent. A joy."


"The products are luxurious and the overall experience I had was superb. Well done."


"I actually had an issue with the first purchase I made on sizing and the help I received from Fay in Customer Service was amazing. She made my returns very easy and sent out my new purchases immediately. Very quick to reply to my emails as well."


"Your team is the best. They noticed I had placed 3 orders the same day and emailed me to ship them together. Saved me 20 pounds and got the shipment in the US in 1 day. Your products are great it was just hard to find in the US. Will now shop on line if not in Neiman Marcus or Barney's."


"Derek Rose shipped the product immediately and it was delivered the following day. It was an excellent service."


"I'm very happy with the pyjamas I purchased. The size guide is very useful, the quality is very good."

Alessia - Italy

"I was thrilled with my online shopping experience with Derek Rose recently. The ordering process and speed with which the pyjamas came were efficient, snag-free experiences, of which I hope to partake again soon. Moreover, my husband was thrilled with his Nelson 30 pyjamas. The fabric is a silky-feeling, lightweight cotton perfect for either spring/summer wear or a winter home that's well-heated. I'd recommend the pattern and fabric for any contemporary, selective man for whom luxurious loungewear is a must! From now on, I'll shop first!"

Alicia - USA

"Excellent service and very fast shipping to the US. After I placed my order the item was out the door in just a short time and on its way."


"As a fan of Derek Rose this is first time I have ordered with you online and was most impressed with the fast efficient service, will certainly be calling again."


"Your products and service are first class."


"I had to call in order to find products not depicted on the website. I spoke with Fay Baker who was extremely efficient and personable. A few days later I had the product in hand. Great service."


"I use Derek Rose for years and now that I can have it in Brasil I am very happy. Thank you very much."

Francis - Brazil

"I could not have been happier with the telephone advise that I received and for the garment to arrive three days after the order was placed in Australia was unbelievable"

Tony - Australia

"Very impressed at the quick pre Christmas delivery.!"

Jessica - UK

"I was delighted by both the excellent service and the quality of the product (boxed handkerchiefs). Especially, so as I had previously ordered a similar product from another company and was kept waiting a 15 days for a very inferior product. Well done and congratulations!"


"Extremely fast and excellent! My husband will love his luxurious Christmas present. Thank you!!"

Bonetta - UK

"I just wanted to congratulate you on the quality of your products and the excellence of your service."

JH Williams - UK

"I only selected excellent for the customer survey as exceptional was not on the list...My sincere thanks and congratulations to your fantastic customer services department. I look forward to my next shop!"

Peter – UK

"Excellent service as always, extremely high quality products: we have always been very happy to be one ( let's make that two! ) of your customers!!!"

Anita – Holland

“Very fast and efficient service. Would recommend to others without hesitation. Thank you”

Vicky – UK

“My wife and I are so pleased with your consistently excellent service and products.”

Carl – UK

“Absolutely delighted with both the product and service.”

Reginald – UK

“I am a huge fan of your boxer shorts and your pyjamas are excellent.”

Lalli – Finland

“I am very pleased with the products I ordered.”

John – UK

“My husband and I are so pleased with your consistently excellent service and products.”

Jane – UK

“Very impressed with how quick the items ordered arrived here in Australia and I love how I was able to track where the parcel was. My Dad's dressing gown is amazing and he loves it. What a great birthday present.”

Gabi - Australia

“Good quality merchandise and prompt delivery. ”

Donald – UK

“Delivery time was incredibly fast.”


“Will certainly shop from you again. Will also tell my friends about Derek Rose. Many Thanks!”


“Excellent and hassle-free service. Goods received in 3 days.”


“Very satisfied, look forward to shopping with you again.”


“I live in Miami and placed my order at close of business in London Monday. By Thursday lunchtime the order was in my hands! I understand exactly what is involved with the process as I have managed an ecommerce business for more than 10 years! To say I was impressed would be the greatest understatement ... Hard to top the service, but you did. Truly exceptional products. Bravo to the entire Derek Rose team and, naturally, THANK YOU!”

Jac – Miami

“A highly commendable service. Good quality, fast and efficient.”


“It is absolute pleasure to do business with you.”

Tukka - Australia

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