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Passionate About Quality

Derek Rose has always worked with the finest fabrics - cashmere, wool, silks and the best cottons. All fabrics are designed in-house and are exclusive to us. Derek Rose is renowned for its satin stripes in the classic pyjama collection and the ‘Basel’ supersoft jersey in the Naturally collection.

How are these eye catching designs created?

Satin stripes are produced by an intricate weaving process that gives you the high sheen and colour clarity in the stripe. We use a 2 ply yarn for our fabric (i.e. thread twisted with another thread to make a very strong single thread, the yarn must be spun to a very fine diameter.), which creates a stronger, longer wearing, visually eye catching fabric. These are produced in stunning colors.

All products are then meticulously made with specialist techniques such as twin needle stitching, matched pockets and deep hems to give stunning merchandise results.

So you can guarantee when shopping with Derek Rose that you are buying quality products with years of design and craftsmanship invested in them.

Passionate about quality

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