We understand that your free time is really important to you.

Whether it is time spent alone, or time with friends and family. We want to help you feel good, look good and make the most of these moments. Understanding and appreciating the value of free time is what we call... Feel Good Living. Our brand mission is to design products to enhance these valuable moments.

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We focus on the time that is important to you.

Getting home, changing into something comfy and switching off; relaxing with a great book; lounging with friends by the pool. We apply our ‘forensic’ approach to these moments, designing products that deliver best-in-class solutions.

Only after we have a fantastic, functionally-designed product that is extremely comfortable and perfectly fit for purpose, do we consider the form. We wrap the ‘form layer’ around the product so that it looks beautiful and features original designs that are exclusive to us.

"We are thoughtful, determined, relentless, considered, pioneering, curious-minded. Whatever it takes to make the best product and enhance your experience."

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We run the company with the primary goal to protect and create jobs

In practice, this means the management team build their strategy and make their decisions based on two questions. Question 1: Will this create a level of risk that is unacceptable and can negatively impact jobs? Question 2: Does this help strengthen the company and support job creation?

“The benefit of this approach is that we worry less about sales and profit targets. We are a life-loving brand which values our people over our figures.”

Our Culture

Our principles of culture


A balanced, healthy work-life relationship is important. We do not ask or expect our staff to work more than their contracted hours.


We all work and act with the single goal of producing the best products & services for our customers. This is our non-negotiable focus.


Internally and externally, clear, honest communication is encouraged and used.


We aim for the highest standards, applying our forensic approach to all that we do.


We are a reliable and trustworthy brand and we understand that this must be earned every day.


Derek Rose is still family owned to this day, bringing almost 100 years of passion and expertise to its customers.

The Rose family first entered the design and manufacture of men’s clothing when Jack Lewis Rose started out in 1926.

Derek Rose Store Notting Hill London


We have two standalone stores located in London

Our two stores are set in cosmopolitan neighbourhoods surrounded by the best in fashion, lifestyle and well-being experiences. As well as our own stores, we are stocked in the best luxury retailers around the world. Our retail partners are passionate about quality and their customers.

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