Women's Full Length Silk Dressing Gown Brindisi 24 Multi

Inspired by India

Introducing an exclusive preview of our new Spring Summer 2018 silk collection, inspired by the Rose family’s annual trips through South West India. Available in a handful of key styles and in limited quantities at derek-rose.com and in-store at Harrods.

Women's Full Length Silk Dressing Gown Brindisi 24 Multi Full Width


Our signature hand-painted print of the season takes you on a voyage through the waterways and rice paddies of Kerala, India. The riverbanks are bursting with wildlife and nature, creating a vibrant colour palette of teal, orange and pink against the deep blue of the water. This dream-like scene also includes elements of other areas of India, from the elephant polo of Jaipur to the grand palaces of Rajasthan.

Men's Tasseled Belt Dressing Gown Verona 41 Silk Multi Block

Handmade in England

Once designed in London, our silk is printed in Italy and then delivered to our workshop in Cheshire, England. It is here, at the home of our silk production, that Derek Rose silk nightwear is made by hand.