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The Will Goodge Edit

The Will Goodge Edit

As our Ambassador, Will Goodge can often be seen spreading the word of the Derek Rose philosophy, and sharing snapshots of his workouts in our MicroModal, or lounging in a fine pure silk gown. But what are the athlete and model’s favourite Derek Rose pieces, and why?


Because that’s where all good outfits start.

Will: When I’m chilling around the house in my own space, I’ll do it in a pair of modern fit or silk boxer shorts, either on their own or with a white underwear vest or MicroModal t-shirt. I cannot express my love for silk boxer shorts enough! I love a mix of classic looks and fit as well as patterned ones. From making my breakfast to reading, they are my ultimate feel-good luxury. I don’t even change if a friend or family come round; it’s pure comfort.

When I’m training, whether that be running or in the gym, I opt for MicroModal briefs as they have great support and don’t chafe at all which is a typical burden in ultra-endurance training!


Whether I’m at home or round a friend’s, grabbing a coffee or lunch on the weekend, I like to wear something relaxed during my free-time. Cashmereis king; I love the silver set of track pants and sweater and I love wearing them together. I’m also very happy in a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt as they enable me to be slightly more active on my ventures. That means heading to the gym or doing a food shop is more comfortable.

My absolute go to when I’m travelling for work, or if I have multiple meetings, is anything and everything MicroModal. It’s so light and comfy and moves with me. I especially like it for air travel as when it gets hot and stuffy, I always seem to be the right temperature. The fabric also sits easily beneath a bigger layer like a hoodie if it’s cold out.

For a slightly more formal affair like drinks or a restaurant, I’ll wear a half-zip sweater, pair it with a plain t-shirt beneath and some smart linen trousers. Great for all year round too because if it’s hot outside I can match the trousers with a long or short-sleeve t-shirt.

When the sun comes out (here’s hoping!) or when I’m abroad, I’m a big fan of MicroModal shorts. A morning stretch, yoga, a light workout or anything alfresco, you’ll see me in a pair of these. Being British, I’m taking my chance to get some sun so if I can go short I will! When it comes to pool time, I swing between plain colour and some amazing pattern with my swimshorts, but when the sun starts to set I’m always a trouser guy.


The best time of the day!

Will: I went from wearing superhero pyjamas as a child, to nothing, and finally I’ve arrived at the ultimate sleeping destination. Not to be reserved for just sleeping, I’ll sometimes continue to wear my sleepwear throughout my morning until I need to leave the house. Whether it’s silk, MicroModal or cotton, I love how all the fabrics feel on my skin and each of them wrap me up ready to dream. Sometimes I’ll wear a full set, sometimes just bottoms and sometimes with underwear. I’m a big napper, which is when an eye mask comes in handy (also great for shut-eye on a plane). A soft pillow for the eyes rather than a tight fit around your head.

The ultimate show stopper and my favourite item ever has to be the Verona 49 Pure Silk Tasseled Dressing Gown. It speaks for itself; a spectacular piece for morning and evening. Pair with some suede slippers and life doesn’t get much better.

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