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Rest. Eat. Move. By Will Goodge

Rest. Eat. Move. By Will Goodge

You may already be familiar with the concept of R.E.M (Rest, Eat, Move), they are the foundations on which you build a healthy and fulfilled life (check out our introductory REM blog post). At Derek Rose, we believe them to be key to physical and mental well-being and therefore, the essential ingredients of our ‘Feel-good Living’ philosophy and lifestyle. Our brand ambassador, William Goodge, is more than just a model and athlete featured in our campaign photography, he shares many of our values – understanding the importance of free time in one’s life. Will connected with our messaging that time spent alone, with family or friends are the most valuable experiences in life but he is also very familiar with the concept of REM. So, we’ve asked him to shed some light on what the principals means to him...  

Will's Thoughts

Rest, Eat, Move are all so important and require attention every day. For me, missing out on any of the trio is detrimental and unless I take care and prioritise them, I cannot function and build on any of the goals I may have in a sustainable way. Whether that be relationships, business, athletic endeavours, creative tasks or self-care. Taking a little time each day to take care of these principals means you’ll be in the best place to be the best version of you.

Resting In Loungewear


When your battery is empty - it’s empty, and when you’re run down and drained it affects you cognitively, athletically and emotionally. I know all too well what that feels like and it warrants you unable to function at your best.

Rest and quality rest is so important I use a variety of practises to aid it. I have been on my own personal journey trying many techniques and technologies but the premise of them all is to be comfortable, relaxed and at peace. From binaural beats with sleep mediation to weighted blankets to light and noise blocking devices. I am passionate about finding the best ways to sleep and rest so even with my busy schedule, I prioritise rest to make the most of my time when awake.

Some very simple advice is the 10-3-2-1-0 Sleep Rule:

10 – The hours prior to sleep in which you will not drink caffeine.
3 – The hours prior to sleep in which you will not eat or drink anything other than water.
2 – The hours prior to sleep in which you will not work.
1 – The hours prior to sleep in which you will not be exposed to screens or blue light
0 – The number of times you hit the snooze button.

There is more than meets the eye with this simple rule, should you want to find out more from REM expert, Ben Greenfield.

Whilst there are physical devices and techniques that can be learned, the first thing to be considered is being comfortable whilst still. That’s where something as simple as the right pyjamas or loungewear can pay dividends. If you’ve ever put on any of the Derek Rose range, you will know what I’m talking about. The fabrics and their quality have been designed for these moments. Find some of my favourites below: 

Eating in jersey sleepwear and loungewear


When it comes to food, it is more than simply calories or nutrients – it is fuel for our body and gives us ‘instructions’ on how to perform. It’s quite easy to see food as good or bad and punish yourself for going slightly off track, so I try best to live by the phrase ‘everything in moderation’. It sounds too simple sometimes, but simple for me works and I feel great.

Fad diets, counting calories, fasting, ketogenic, carnivore, vegan, paleo, blue zones - it’s a confusing and a stressful place, and it’s quite easy to go down a path that might not work for you. But typically, I try to maintain a mostly plant-based diet and avoid processed foods.

That being said, I do not beat myself up if I’m having a Sunday roast or I really fancy a freshly baked croissant- the joy and happiness food can provide is second to none. I’m a big believer in respect and culture. If I am blessed enough to be cooked for, then I will eat. I cook a lot and know how it makes me feel to prepare a meal with love, serve it to someone and see them enjoy it.

When it comes to a training block or challenge, such as when I was completed my 875 mile John o’ Groats to Lands End ultra-run, I am far more regimented. That’s because I’ve planned what and where I need to be and it’s a process I enjoy.

Working out in men's Derek Rose MicroModal


Movement, to me, is a privilege and often something that is taken for granted. Moving has a hugely positive influence on my mind and wellbeing and when I lost my mother, running and movement was my therapy. It allowed me to escape from the day to day feelings of grief and sadness and channel them into something good – whilst also giving my brain a heathy dose of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. I’m all about challenging myself physically and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, but also know when it’s time to rest and do some mindfulness or yoga. 

Final Thoughts...  

At Derek Rose we often talk about free time and ‘moments’ whether that’s time with friends, family or time spent alone. We aim to make products that enhance this time, so why wouldn't you wear the finest fabrics and intricately designed products to enjoy these important parts of your day? So, we’ve made a handy R.E.M. Edit for men and women, curated with our moments of relaxation, healthy eating and physical activity at the forefront so you can enjoy your free time with Derek Rose.

Now that is Feel-good Living

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