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What Is A Dressing Gown?

What Is A Dressing Gown?

A dressing gown is very much something that you already own. Possibly hanging on the back of your bedroom door right now? The glory of these gowns is that you can happily wear them in the morning to enjoy breakfast or brunch, or in the evening as you are getting ready to settle down for the night with a book or the tele. Men's dressing gowns can be worn over pyjamas in the colder months of the year. With loose, lightweight materials, soft and cool materials like silk, you can wear them in warmer months too! Perhaps you even have yours draped around you as you read this...

Why Is It Called a Dressing Gown?

The dressing gown is very much a European and western phrase for this house attire. It stems from the likes of morning and evening gowns. Now, the dressing gown draws its name from the idea of being worn between the period of awaking to getting dressed for the day. As well as the period of getting ready for bed.

In the United States, they are commonly referred to as robes. Whereas on the other side of the world, the kimono is the garment of choice.

what is a dressing gown
When were Dressing Gowns Introduced?

Throughout history, people all over the world have worn gowns and robes. Ancient Romans, and Egyptians wore robes; more specifically, priests, merchants, nobles wore some form of robe. Although they are not the robes we wear today. The contemporary dressing gowns we are familiar with today date back to the 1700s. They were derived from the banyan, which resembled a kimono. Back then, they were a loose fitting over-garment which was mainly worn at home, and sometimes as outdoor summer clothing.

What is the difference between a Dressing Gown and a Bathrobe?

They may look the same, but dressing gowns and bathrobes are actually two different things.

A dressing gown is a loose-fitting, open-fronted gown with a fabric belt that is worn over our nightwear and pyjamas. Depending on the type or purpose of the gown, it can also be worn in the morning before getting dressed for the day, as well as at home for comfort and lounging. For example, a silk dressing gown is idyllic on a splendid spring morn, whereas a thicker wool gown is more ideal on a chilly eve.

On the other hand, a bathrobe, as its name suggests, can be worn after bathing or showering. This is because they are often made of towelling which is perfect for absorbing all that excess water. Dressing gowns made from silk or cashmere are unsuitable here, but you can don yours when dry!

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