The Five Best Linen Shirts for Men: Summer Edition

The Five Best Linen Shirts for Men: Summer Edition

As the warmer weather arrives, linen shirts become the summer wardrobe go-to. Discover the 5 best types of linen shirts and why they're a summer staple.

It’s that time of year again when we say goodbye to cosy knit jumpers and hello to lighter summer clothes. Planning a beach trip or a staycation and seeing friends? We've got a couple of linen shirts to keep you cool. 

Linen shirts are a summer staple and here, we’ll help you find the best linen shirts to add to your wardrobe immediately.

Why Should You Wear Linen Shirts?

Linen is one of the most desirable fabrics to wear in the spring and summer months. While you may be initially cautious about wearing it due to its susceptibility to creasing, our pure linen shirts avoid the typical rough and itchy feel and, instead, are soft and smooth on the skin while also trying to be as crease-resistant as possible.

After experiencing the benefits of linen shirts, you’ll never look back!

  • Unlike other materials, our linen is a highly breathable fabric, allowing heat to pass through easily.
  • Our pure linen styles can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture, wicking away perspiration from the body. Simply put, sweat stains will be a thing of the past!
  • Our linen is faster drying than other regular linen. This is because the pure fibres can quickly release moisture into the air and dry almost instantly.
  • Linen is most known for its durability, as, unlike other fabrics, it actually improves with every use. Every time your Derek Rose linen shirt is washed, it’ll become stronger and softer.
  • Linen is easy to style and looks good whether you're working casually at home in the summer or dressed up on holiday. 
Man lounging by a pool in resortwear

5 Best Men’s Linen Shirts for Summer

So we’ve established that linen shirts are the perfect all-rounder. Light and airy, they give you an instant laid-back summer style. Keep it casual with shorts for walking along the sandy coast in the late afternoon sun, or dress it up with some smart chino trousers for a dinner date. 

We’ve put some of our favourite linen shirts below, so you can decide for yourself.

1. Short Sleeve Linen Shirt

A short sleeve linen shirt is the epitome of casual comfort and style. Whether you live in a warmer climate or are jet-setting off to somewhere sunny, a short sleeve linen shirt will become your best friend. Paired with shorts and sandals, or even barefoot if you’re spending your days at the beach or unwinding in your garden.

2. Long Sleeve Linen Shirt

Long sleeve linen shirts are ideal for smarter evening looks. Relaxed and contemporary while maintaining a smart casual aesthetic, long-sleeved linen shirts are also suited to al fresco lunches in the sun and corporate work events on a rooftop bar. Pair with some chino trousers, loafers and luxury accessories for a classically chic look. If you want to wear a long sleeve shirt more casually, roll up the sleeve and unbutton the top few buttons - beach ready in seconds.

Two men in linen shirts, trousers and sandals

3. Plain Linen Shirt

Plain linen shirts in block colours, such as white, navy or light blue, offer great versatility and a timeless style. They can be paired with almost anything from blue denim jeans and chinos to plain or patterned shorts and will take you from day to night. Ideal for the beach club and the office, you’ll certainly get your wear out of them. While white linen shirts are best for flaunting a tan, navy linen shirts exude sophistication and elegance - especially with the luxe finishing touch of mother-of-pearl buttons.

Man on a beach in a shirt.

4. Patterned Linen Shirt

For a bolder attitude to your summer outfits, patterned linen shirts can make a statement and be a conversation starter, whether you choose a simple, subtle pattern or a vibrant and bold pattern. From nights out with friends to days on a yacht, there’s nothing a patterned linen shirt can’t do.

5. Linen T-Shirt

Whether you’re lounging at home on the weekends or relaxing by the pool, a lightweight linen t-shirt will help keep you cool. Linen t-shirts are an excellent addition to your everyday summer wardrobe. They’re also perfect for any upcoming travels where you need to pack light. Versatile and easy to style, a linen t-shirt will look good in both neutral and brighter colours. We recommend stocking up on a selection of different coloured linen t-shirts for different occasions.

Two men stood on the beach with linen t-shirts on

Our pure linen clothes are the perfect choice for strolling along a beach on a tropical holiday, dining in a fine restaurant, or even relaxing at home. However you wish to wear it, we guarantee you’ll be the most comfortable you’ve ever felt in pure linen. 

If you have a linen shirt already, we also have a range of men’s linen trousers and linen shorts for you to try; head over to our men's resort-wear collection.