Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Whoever he is and whatever his interests might be, read on to find out more about choosing the right luxury gift for the lucky man in your life.

It’s not enough to talk generally about finding luxury gifts for men because what really matters is choosing the right luxury gift for the specific man you have in mind. Read on to find out more about choosing the right men’s luxury gifts to ensure the lucky man is happy with his gift! 

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KYC – Know Your Customer 

Or in our case, know your gift recipient. Have a good think about who you’re treating and what they enjoy. Sometimes this is easy, he’s a stay at home Netflix Afficionado who loves spending time relaxing on the sofa, but other times it can be really hard…like trying to choose luxury gifts for the men who have everything! A good solution here is to use personalisation by monogramming to elevate a special gift into the realm of unique. 

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Timing Is Everything 

Another relevant criteria that should be front of mind when choosing the perfect men’s luxury gift, is the time of year. If summer vacations are looming, we should talking about luxury men’s resortwear, and if you’re looking for luxury Christmas gifts for men, then we need to be thinking about cosy, comfy luxury men’s sleepwear. 

Pick A Budget 

Not a subject people generally like to discuss in the open, but there might be a difference in what you intend to spend depending whether you’re treating the love of your life or godson number 4. You might find it useful to have a look at our Gift Section called Gifting Collections where we split our gift suggestions across a range of products and price points. Here you can shop across Gifting Essentials, Statement Gifts and Signature Pieces.

Looking for Inspiration? 

Whether you’re buying a luxury gift for your husband, father, son, brother, father-in-law or a great friend…they’re all people with their own interests and lifestyles. To help you on your way we’ve looked around the office here and grabbed some of our team personalities as example gifting personas, the sorts of people one might find in one’s life. 

Luxury Gift ideas for ‘The Cool Minimalist’: meet Mikko. He’s young, looks great and is the coolest guy in the office. He’s a designer and understands fashion really well. In true keeping with his passion for design he understands that less is more. He keeps it simple wearing high quality tees and simple sweats over his designer jeans. He make it all look so easy.  

Luxury Gifts for ‘The Dog Walker’: meet Barny. He lives in a house, a very big house in the country. Ok, maybe not a very big house but he does live in the country and he does love being outdoors. Whether it’s walking the dog, taking in the fresh air with his girls or stepping out for a quick 5k run, Barny loves layering up in our luxury men’s cashmere knitwear or lacing up his trainers and hitting the trails in our Quinn sweatpants and pure cotton tees. 

‘The Sleep Maestro’: meet me. I’m Sacha and besides writing the odd Blog post, I do take a rather keen interest in the subject of sleep and how best to get lots of it! You can read more on this subject here. I can tell you, sleep lovers like me are about wearing the right products before and when going to bed. Get gift ideas for the sleep maestro here in our luxury gift edit.

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‘The True Gent’: Not to be confused with Matthew McConaughey in Guy Ritchie’s film ‘The Gentleman’, although we’re sure he’d look great in our stuff! The True Gent is a gentleman in every sense: kind, generous, warm, well mannered and good company. Weve been looking round the office for such a person…and found our very own Derek Rose popping by. He has always been and remains a genuine gentleman who takes pride in his appearance both inside and outside the house. Finding a gift for him is as easy as clicking here to browse our luxury gift guide.

Last but not least, ‘The Frequent Flyer’: meet Lars. Ok he doesn’t actually work in our office but I know him well and this guy is always travelling, be it for work or play. He knows airports inside out, the best restaurants and running trails in cities around the world. He loves to relax and lounge around as much as he does work, and he does it with style. He's practical when packing and loves clothing that make him look and feel great, but which can also be worn for different uses. A simple white t-shirt for an afternoon meeting and then dinner with friends and family. Or staying comfortable on a long-haul flight with a pair of cotton sweat pants and hoodie. For all your frequent flyer needs, discover our loungewear and leisurewear collections here.  

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After Making Your Luxury Gifting Choice -Make It A bit More Special 

So you’ve had a think about who you’re buying for, when and what level of gift you’re up for. But there’s lots more you can do to make your luxury gift for him special. We can suggest three ways to personalise luxury gifts for men. 

Monogramming: You can add his initials to the chest pocket with our Monogramming Service – details here. 

Handwritten Message: Send a handwritten personal message that is included in the package when sent to you or the recipient. Just type out your gift message on our website after you’ve added your gifts to the cart and our Customer Service Team will handwrite it onto a beautiful, high quality Derek Rose card. 

Christmas Gift Packaging: besides our eco packaging, we offer a white Derek Rose gift box at no extra cost. Once you have selected your gift, you will have the option to add a gift message to your order. Our Customer Services Team will beautifully handwrite your message on a high quality Derek Rose card - making it truly special.

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However you choose to gift someone with Derek Rose, we’re sure they’ll like their gift and make the most of it. If for any reason they need to change size or colour or would just rather return it for a different item, don’t worry, our Customer Service Team will make the process easy and fast. 

Good luck making your gifting choices and if you do need any expert help, just give our Customer Service Team a call or drop them and email and they can advise you on products, gift ideas and sizing.

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