10 Reasons Micro Modal is the Perfect Sleep Fabric

10 Reasons Micro Modal is the Perfect Sleep Fabric

Find out what makes MicroModal so special and the obvious sleepwear choice. You're going to want this in your pyjama arsenal.

What is Micro Modal?

Micro Modal is a premium super fine and light fibre that comes from beech tree pulp. It's one of our favourite fabrics here at Derek Rose, and can be found in many of our collections; from t-shirts to our signature pyjamas. So what makes this fabric so desirable, so versatile, and so great to wear during your precious sleep-time? Here are ten reasons you'll want to choose Micro Modal for your sleepwear: 



Nothing is better than slipping into fresh sheets in your 
new pyjama set, apart from maybe waking up after a
deep sleep in fresh-feeling pyjamas. This fabric has 
natural antibacterial properties so it will prevent any 
bad bacteria and odour that may have found its way 
to your pyjamas.


Micro Modal moves with your body in your sleep, so
you’ll never feel restricted. Think of it as a second
skin which keeps you perfectly comfortable all night


Any creases drop out with ease so you’ll even look
presentable for thatunexpected door knock early in the
morning. It’s also the ideal fabric for packing in your
suitcase or wearing on the plane with your
cashmere hoodie and jogger set.


The fabric is incredibly breathable and moisture wicking,
which helps keep you dry and cool all night long.


Micro Modal constantly reacts to your body and helps
you stay cool or warm according to your temperature. 


We wash our pyjamas more regularly than other articles
of clothing, so we put extra thought into how to keep 
your PJs soft. Micro Modal has long-lasting softness, 
which means your pyjamas will always be gentle on 
your skin and look and feel brand new even after repeat


Micro Modal is extremely hard-wearing so your pyjamas 
will stand the test of time. These are genuine investment 


We hate when our favourite garments fade over time. 
This magic material never loses its colour and lustre 
wash after wash so you can wear your sleepwear as 
often as you want and it will look brand new each time.


This special fabric is made from sustainably forested beech
trees. The durability and quality of it also means you’ll be 
keeping your pyjamas for years to come, making each pair
a sustainable fashion investment.


Our Micro Modal pyjamas are designed to be fully lived
in - staying comfy round the breakfast table, reading 
your book on the sofa, making your sick days that
little bit better, or enjoying back-to-back films on a rainy 
day. An ideal loungewear companion.


Our Micro Modal sleepwear comes in two main fabric qualities - Basel for Men and Lara for Women. The composition is the exact same, but Lara is slightly lighter for a more flattering and flowing drape.

When it comes to pyjama sets, we also like to mix and match our top and bottoms; perfect for pairing with a Basel t-shirt, hoodie or cami top in the Summer and with lounge trousers when temperatures drop.

Sleeping is, arguably, the single most important activity for our physical and mental well-being, so why wouldn't you wear the finest fabric possible for the most important part of your day?