Let’s Get Personal

Let’s Get Personal

Just a small touch of something special makes all the difference. Keep reading to find out how!

Introducing our Monogramming, Secret Messages and Motifs!

Make it personal with our monogramming, motifs and secret messaging services, available on a range of men's and women's products, including pyjamas, dressing gowns, tees and sweatshirts. Customise your initials, a personal message or your choice of emoji in a variety of colours, fonts and sizes.  

Why Personalise a Product?

Many of us love to gift to our friends and family and we often look for gifts that are special or that we can make special in some way. 

When it comes to our beautiful clothing, we have offered the well-known option of personalisation by monogramming for several years and we’ve had many happy customers enjoy the service. More details of the Monogramming options are set out below. 

Spools of different coloured threads

Yet we’ve always been thinking about how we can make personalisation more original and special. So here are two new ways to make your Derek Rose Gift that bit more special. 


In short, if Derek Rose did emojis you’d have our motifs. They are personal, playful embroidery options created in-house by our wonderful Design Team. 

We have a fun selection of motifs which feature cute to sophisticated designs ranging from hearts to our favourite Cat with Crown, all available in a selection of different colours. 
The motifs are embroidered on the side chest of the product much like our monogramming, designs offered are: 


Heart motifs in multiple colours


Cat Motif

Cat Filled

Cat filled motif

Cat Crown

Cat crown motif

Cat Crown Filled

Cat crown filled motif


Dog motif

If you would like to recommend some more motifs for us to get working on please drop us a line. 

Secret Messages 

This has been in the works for a very long time! We have known for years that we wanted to make this available and we finally built the solution that allows us to introduce Secret Messaging. 
Sometimes when we want to make a gift personal we want to do it in a meaningful, subtle way. Our Secret Messaging allows you to write a two line message of up to 98 characters (no symbols or punctuation yet we’re afraid) that we embroider onto either a white or navy ribbon. Our seamstresses in our Studio in Cheshire, England, then sew the ribbon into the lining of your gift so that the personal message lives forever in the garment known only by the wearer. Every time they put the garment on, they will know your secret message is there for their eyes only. 

Close up of secret messaging on a navy pyjama

We couldn’t think of a more personal way of gifting than this and are thrilled to see the service launch. We hope you love it as much as we do.  


To round off our personalisation services we do of course have monogramming. 
The service is built around a simple, four step process: 
  1. Choose up to 3 Initials (or up to 2 initials and a heart) 
  2. Select your Font of choice (3 available)
  3. Pick a colour (8 available) 
  4. Choose a size (3 options) 
The monogram is then embroidered onto the product and is beautifully presented for all to cherish. Want to know more? Read our Monogramming blog post for all of the details.
Embroidered pyjamas and t-shirts

Personalise Your Derek Rose Today

Whatever your gifting requirement, make it special with our Personalisation Service today. 
Personalisation is available across much of our collection with more products to come. If you need any advice or have any questions, please reach out to our Customer Service Team who would be delighted to help you. 

Embroidered cats on clothing