Sea Island Cotton - The Rarest Cotton in the World

Sea Island Cotton - The Rarest Cotton in the World

You're going to want to learn about what it takes to make a Jacob. Introducing Sea Island Cotton; this is not cotton as you know it.

Meet Jacob

Jacob is our latest, brand-new collection to launch this season. Available in both a long sleeve polo shirt and a long sleeve crew neck sweater, Jacob is made using genuine lightweight Sea Island Cotton. We write genuine “underlined” since this is a very important distinction. Here’s why.

Genuine Sea Island Cotton

The real Sea Island Cotton comes from the seed of the Gossypium Barbadense plant which produces the longest fibres in the world with pile lengths of more than 50mm. This is the rarest type of cotton, making up less than 0.0004% of the world’s cotton production. To be sure you are getting the real thing, the West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association (WISICA) inspects and certifies every kilogram of locally produced cotton and supplies proof of origin in the form of a hologram that is applied to every garment made from this fabric. You can find this hologram on the swing tags of all our Jacob products.

Caveat Emptor

Because of its rarity and quality, Sea Island Cotton is a much sought after fabric that, unfortunately, is somewhat abused in the world of fashion. We say “Caveat Emptor” (a legal Latin phrase meaning Buyer Beware) because there are quite a few products incorrectly marketed as “Sea Island Quality” or “XYZ Brand’s Sea Island Cotton”. There are loopholes that we understand allow for products to be sold under the guise of Sea Island Cotton which are not the genuine, WISICA approved quality. So always look out for the hologram!

What Makes Jacob So Special?

The Sea Island Cotton fibres are cultivated exclusively on the British West Indies Islands in the Caribbean where the tropical climate produces what are considered to be the most luxurious cotton fibres in the world. The fabric made from these cotton fibres is, arguably, the strongest naturally grown cotton in the world which means it will resist wear and last a lifetime. The definition of a luxurious investment. The material also has an unrivalled softness as the long staple yarns create a smooth and silky surface. The below image gives you an idea as to why they’re different. This is not cotton as you know it.

How Should I Wear the Jacob?

Featuring a ribbed collar, knitted back neck tape to minimise stretching and tubular knit hem and cuffs, the devil really is in the detail with our Jacob collection. Designed to sit in our resort, lounge and leisurewear collections, Jacob can withstand heavy-duty relaxing, informal and sophisticated events alike and generally every way you enjoy your free time. The crew neck in both green and navy works perfectly with loose lounge trousers and jeans, with and without a t-shirt (or Ramsay polo) underneath. Dress up the crew with a pair of slim fit navy suit trousers for a relaxed yet sophisticated take on office wear. Take any Jacob on holiday during the summer to layer up on the cooler evenings and when you want to be comfortable but in a smarter outfit, wear the long sleeve polo with chinos or dark jeans. Once you wear Jacob, you’ll be finding excuses to put it on all the time.