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Pure Linen You'll Want to Live in

Pure Linen You'll Want to Live in

Meet Jordan

Jordan is a pure linen short sleeve t-shirt. Sounds simple, but creating Jordan was a significant challenge. We wanted to avoid that typical linen feel – a little rough, itchy and uncomfortable on the skin. Linen is a commonly used fabric due to its breadth of beneficial properties; offered everywhere in summer and resort collections. But we strived to create something decidedly superior, apparent from the first touch and wear of the garment. 

So how do we create an improved feel, pure linen without sacrificing its inherent qualities and performance? We spent over twelve months going back and forth with one of our partner mills trying to get the softness we wanted. Tricks of the trade we could tell you about, but then we’d have to…you know.

Finally, we received a piece of fabric that felt good. Not just good, incredible. So soft in fact, we were worried it might no longer be 100% linen! We asked our mill to retest the fabric and confirm that it was truly pure, and it was. But it was so smooth and unlike that texture we all know, we still didn’t believe it. So we sent the fabric off for independent testing and the result was unequivocally pure linen. You have to feel the Jordan to believe it.


The Ins and Outs of Linen

Not only is the Jordan exceptionally soft, it has all the characteristics that make linen such a desirable fabric to wear, just like our signature linen shirts, trousers and shorts:

Absorbent: linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture causing it to draw perspiration away from the body.
Fast Drying: linen fibres release moisture back into the air very quickly and dry almost instantly because the fibre itself cannot hold air or heat.
Breathability: linen allows heat to pass through un-obstructed. 
Durability: linen is famous for its durability. Unlike other fabrics, linens tend to improve with use. Washing linens makes them stronger, shinier, and softer and linens also increase their tensile strength when wet.

Who wouldn’t want to wear linen head-to-toe?


Try, Live, Love Jordan

If you’re living in a warm climate, heading off somewhere sunny or just like wearing that relaxed linen slub look, the Jordan is for you. Jordan comes in rich colours, so no need to stop at one. Do note, pure linen stretches slightly with wear, as it should, but much like the Derek Rose customer, it only gets better with age.

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