Welcome To Marylebone

Welcome To Marylebone

An introduction to our newest store location in Marylebone and all of the best spots to visit along the way.
We were delighted to open our fourth London retail store in Marylebone in November 2023. 
We’ve had our Head Office in the area for over 10 years and have long wanted to open a store here. But, as ever with us, we like to take our time and find the right space so we can do a great job. After much searching, we finally found the space we like and were very quick to turn it around for opening pre-Xmas 2023. 

Where is Marylebone? 

Marylebone is on the Northern edge of the West End of London. The High Street runs from the Royal Academy of Music next to Regent’s Park down towards Oxford Street.  

Can you tell me more about the area?

Marylebone is understood to have been a parish named after its church dedicated to St Mary around the 12th century. It’s possible the “bone” part of the name comes from the term ‘bourne’ meaning a small stream and the “le” was a 17th century French affectation common during the period. 
In the 19th century the Marylebone area was reputedly the scene of various entertaining including duelling and bear baiting! Things also took a more reputable turn with the creation of the Marylebone Cricket Club (the MCC) in 1787 which was housed at Dorset Fields in Marylebone until later moving to its current home known as Lords. 
Nowadays Marylebone is a spacious area which retains the village feel thanks to a broad mix of architecture, boutique shops, restaurants and local pubs. 

Insider Tips? 

Here’s an extremely subjective take on places to go in Marylebone. We’ll split them into different categories to make finding what you like easier. 

Food & Drink 

  1. Taka London – you probably weren’t expecting us to start the list with a Japanese restaurant, but we did say this was a subjective list! We just like the food, service and wine on offer. What more can we say? 
  2. Jikoni – it’s hard to describe the cuisine here because it is such a mixture of influences. Even their own website struggle to narrow it down saying it’s a mix of South Asia & the Far East, the Middle East, East Africa and Britain! Either way, the food tastes great so give it a go. 
  3. Chotto Matte – another strange fusion cuisine but again it’s fun to try. It’s a mixture of Japanese and Peruvian and we’re pretty sure that’s not the sort of blend most people come across when out for dinner! The service was great on the occasions we’ve visited and the décor is lovely. 
  4. Tasty Corner – situated on the corner of Chiltern Street and Blandford Street this sandwich/noodle bar is very much at the other end of the scale. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense quick sandwich pop in. Our personal favourites are the noodle and rice bowls rustled up on a hot plate that put our own Asian cooking efforts to shame. 
  5. Chiltern Firehouse – we weren’t sure whether to add this to the list as it’s not really our cup of tea, but we do appreciate that many people like to enjoy the outside garden restaurant here all year round. It is beautiful but bear in mind you’re not going here for the food but rather the ambience and, possibly, to be seen. 
  6. The Barley Mow – we couldn’t finish our list without including one of the many, wonderful pubs in the Marylebone area. The Mow is a classic and you can enjoy a decent pint here.  

Rest & Recovery 

As a brand that values the importance of Free Time it won’t surprise you to hear we feel personal health and wellbeing is a priority. With that in mind we’re fans of the following in Marylebone: 
  1. Light Centre - A general practice venue for classes such as Yoga or Barre and treatments ranging from massage to Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

General Shopping Favourites 

  1. The Ginger Pig - On Moxon Street is a fantastic butcher with a great selection of pre-made meals, pies and, of course, meats. Our personal favourite are the selections of meats cooked in store at lunch time for takeaway. 
  2. La Fromagerie – next to the Ginger Pig on Moxon street, this deli has a great selection of fresh and original produce. The crowning glory is given away by the name…a dedicated cold room filled to the ceiling on all walls with an incredible selection of cheeses. We’re getting hungry just writing this. 
  3. Hagen - Our favourite coffee spot on the High Street at number 82 diagonally opposite our Derek Rose store. Having met Tim, the owner, we’re blown away by the attention to detail and focus on quality. Even the water is treated to be consistent with the Danish source roots! 
  4. Daunt Books – next door to Hagen, this is a great bookshop curated with passion. No more needs to be said. 
Unbelievably this is just a small selection of the large range of wonderful shops, cafes, and restaurants in Marylebone. There are many wonderful bakeries, nail bars, hairdressers and the like too. 
Whether you’re headed into town for a weekend stroll in Regent’s Park or lunch in the West End, pop by our store and the area in general. You won’t be disappointed. Marylebone really does have a village feel. So much so, that’s what they named it - Marylebone Village.
January 2024