Micro Modal vs Cotton Clothes: What You Need to Know

Micro Modal vs Cotton Clothes: What You Need to Know

Micro modal and cotton are among the most popular fabrics for clothing, but what makes them different? Here we'll explore the benefits of each material.

Similar yet very different, micro modal and cotton are among the most popular fabrics for clothing thanks to their durability, breathability and exceptional softness. If you can't decide which material is best for your next shopping spree, discover the amazing benefits of each right here.

What is Micro Modal?

Micro modal is a type of rayon fabric that's luxurious, super fine and light with tightly woven fibres. This fabric is made from beech tree pulp and has a similar look and feel to silk, but is much easier to care for - stay tuned as we'll explain how to care for micro modal materials properly later.

As one of our favourite fabrics, you'll find plenty of micro modal garments in our collections, from underwear and t-shirts to our signature pyjamas. Since micro modal is lightweight and silky, it drapes beautifully on the body, and you'll get to enjoy that sumptuously soft feeling all day.

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Micro Modal Benefits

Here are some of the top benefits you can expect with micro modal:

  • Breathable - Micro modal is incredibly breathable, which is why it's a popular choice for underwear, sleepwear and athletic clothes too. 
  • Keeps Its Shape - Our micro modal is extremely hard-wearing and will stand the test of time, keeping its shape after every wash.
  • Holds Colour - No one wants to buy a black t-shirt only for it to fade and end up looking older than it is. Luckily, micro modal never loses its colour or lustre, so wash after wash, it'll always look brand new.

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  • Long Lasting - Durable, high-quality, and fade-resistant, micro modal is made to last. Whether it's the first or the fiftieth time you wear it, it'll look and feel in its best condition. A real investment piece, micro modal clothing is one of the best choices of materials if you're building a capsule wardrobe.
  • Naturally Crease-Resistant - Micro modal is naturally crease-resistant, making it a lower-maintenance fabric and ideal to pack in your suitcase when going on holiday or wear while travelling.
  • Thermally Regulating and Anti-Odour - Perfect to wear in both the summer and winter months, micro modal is naturally thermally regulating, meaning it can maintain your body temperature to keep you comfortable all year long. Plus, it also features anti-odour technology as it doesn’t trap heat, so you won’t need to worry.
  • Feels Great - Lastly, you just can't beat the smooth and ultra-soft feel of micro modal!

What is Cotton?

Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics in the world and is used for many items of clothing, such as underwear, t-shirts, sweatpants and sleepwear. Soft, fluffy and made from a plant that lives in hot and humid conditions, this material is very durable and highly versatile too.

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Cotton Benefits

Here are some of the top benefits you can expect with cotton:

  • Low Maintenance - Cotton is one of the most low-maintenance materials out there, which is why it's used so often for both clothes and household items, such as bedding and towels. Easy to wash and care for (just follow the instruction label), you get the feel of luxury without the hard work.
  • Breathable - Similar to micro modal, 100% cotton is also a very breathable fabric, meaning it doesn't trap heat or odour, making it ideal for a variety of clothing.
  • Absorbent - Pure cotton is well known for its excellent absorbency. This material can soak up to 25 times its weight in water, which is why it's used so often for luxury towels. 
  • Biodegradable - As cotton is a natural material, grown organically and free of chemicals, it's completely biodegradable and recyclable.

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  • Unrivalled Softness - Between our luxury Pima cotton and genuine Sea Island cotton, you can expect unrivalled softness on your skin. Additionally, with every wash, cotton only gets softer over time, so you can sink into your jumper or sweatpants and enjoy the cosy soft feeling time and time again.
  • Perfect for All Seasons - From breezy cotton t-shirts to thick cotton jumpers, you can't go wrong with cotton all year round. As it's such a versatile material, it can be made to fit exactly what you need, whether it's in the middle of a frosty winter or during a summer heatwave. 
  • Suitable for Sensitive Skin - Pure cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and so is the perfect material if you have sensitive skin. As pure cotton also dries quicker than other materials, the risk of bacteria causing skin irritation is much lower.

Care Instructions

Both micro modal and cotton are easy to look after and don't need any special care to ensure their softness or durability.

Micro Modal

While micro modal garments can be washed in water of any temperature, it's best if they're washed in cooler temperatures. Use a mild detergent and wash on a gentle cycle. We'd recommend avoiding any type of chlorine bleach as this can weaken the fabric. To dry your micro modal items we recommend line drying.

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Most cotton garments can be safely washed in your washing machine at home, but make sure to always check the label. As cotton is so versatile, some items may have different care instructions. Use the delicate cycle setting on your machine, mild detergent and cooler temperatures water (hot water can potentially cause the cotton items to shrink). You can also hand wash your cotton clothes in a basin with lukewarm water and detergent, gently rubbing the garments with your hands and leaving them out to air dry.

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While they both have different feels and characteristics, micro modal and cotton are wonderful fabrics for clothing. Our Quinn sweatpants combine the key qualities of cotton and micro modal. They are durable with great colour retention, thermoregulating and breathable making them great for exercise and lounging around at home. And, most importantly, they are forever soft - it doesn’t get better than that.

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