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Can You Wash Silk? The Ultimate Silk Care Guide

Does your favourite silk piece need some love? With the right care, silk clothes can last a lifetime. Our care guide covers everything from washing to storing.

We know you love our silk sleepwear as much as we do so we’ve put together some simple steps to ensure they live a long and happy life.

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How To Wash Your Silk

Stick to these easy steps for hand washing silk and you will have fresh clothing in no time. If the process seems daunting and you want to ensure your silk is kept in perfect condition, you can always leave it to the professionals and drop it into your preferred dry cleaner.  

  • Before you begin, we recommend separating your colours.  

  • Next, fill your sink with cool water and add in your detergent. Make sure the product you choose says ‘suitable for silk’ or ‘delicates’. Bleach will damage your silk so steer clear of this when washing. 

  • Submerge your silk in the sink and leave to soak for a few minutes; then gently swish through the water. 

  • Rinse through with cold water to remove any detergent. 

  • Make sure to not wring your silk clothing as this may damage the delicate fibers. Instead, simply ball up your silk to drain out the water.

How To Dry Your Silk

Silk is a super lightweight and breathable fabric which means it’s also very quick drying.... great for laundry day! 

Once you’ve gently removed the excess water from your silk, lay your clothing flat on a towel and gently roll up to further remove moisture. Next, simply lay on top of a dry towel and leave to air dry. You should avoid tumble drying as it may shrink your garment. 

Can You Iron Silk?

To remove creases from your silk we recommend ironing on a low heat or on the silk setting with the garment turned inside out. Use a cloth between your garment and the iron, taking care to make sure the iron doesn’t touch the silk directly. Avoid using the steam setting on your iron as this can leave stains.

Storing Your Silk

Having made the effort to wash and dry your beloved silk sleepwear, this is how you should store it to ensure it stays in pristine condition.

We prefer to hang our silk out of direct sunlight and in a cool dry place. Hanging your silk also reduces creasing.


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