What To Wear On Christmas Day

What To Wear On Christmas Day

The definitive Derek Rose guide to enjoying your Christmas Day free-time in comfort and style.

Welcome to the Derek Rose definitive guide covering what to wear on Christmas Day. 

As we all know, Christmas Day is often broken up into different segments based on where you live and how you celebrate the holiday. Regardless of religion, it is a day off work for many people and a wonderful chance to relax or celebrate with family and loved ones.  

For some people, Christmas Eve is when the celebrations take place and for others it is often a Christmas Day lunch. 

When thinking about our Christmas day outfit, we’re focusing on looking and feeling great during the ‘Free-Time’ moments we value. So let’s get started with our guide to Christmas Day outfit ideas. 

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Wakey Wakey 

It’s Christmas morning and depending on the sort of person you are, it might involve a yawn and stretch, rubbing of eyes and ambling downstairs for a stress free breakfast. For those with small kids, you can scratch all that, as the chances are you’ll be woken by screaming excited children climbing all over you as they try to drag you out of bed to open presents. 

Either way, we’ve got you covered with our comfy Christmas day outfits for the start of the day. If you’ve woken up in your incredible Derek Rose pyjamas, men’s or women’s, and you’re being dragged to the Christmas presents, then might we suggest you quickly throw on one of classic cotton dressing gowns or one of our lounge gowns. If you’ve planned carefully you might even have one of our matching family sets to pair with your pyjamas.

If you’re in less of a rush then enjoy slipping into some of our men’s and women’s luxury loungewear. You could throw on some lounge trousers, a supersoft micromodal tee shirt and a cashmere hoodie or sweater for the perfect blend of comfort and style. And if the doorbell rings with surprise visitors, you’re set to handle them. 

Man and woman sat on ground in pyjamas and cashmere
Mid-morning through to Lunch 

Maybe you’ve decided to take a stroll and get some fresh air, or perhaps you’ve snuggled up on the sofa to enjoy one of those timeless but repeated Christmas movies. Again, here are some ideas for your Christmas day outfit at home moments. 

Why not throw on our Quinn micro modal blend men’s and women’s sweatpants and hoodies, combined with our pure cotton tee, for a walk and fresh air. The cool, crisp air is always invigorating and it makes that moment when you go back inside all the more special as the skin tingles and you start to warm up again.

If you’ve taken the more leisurely option, which is always a great way to spend time with family and friends, you can relax in some men’s and women’s cashmere sweats or our beautiful men’s terry cloth hoodie and pants. For the truly cosy, sofa based approach we’d definitely recommend combining our brushed cotton men’s and women’s lounge trousers with a his and hers and cashmere jumper. Products designed to make your comfy Christmas outfit choices truly enhance your rest and relaxation.

Two men and a woman outisde wearing matching cashmere hoodies
Late Afternoon and Christmas Evening 

Did you have one of those huge family Christmas lunches where time flies, drinks flow, kids entertain, people catch up and the food ends up being nibbled at over hours? Are the brussel sprouts sitting forlornly in their bowl, unloved? If yes, it’s time for a cat nap on the sofa or what people called in the old days…”retiring to the drawing room”. Either way, if you can get away it, it’s definitely a great time to slip into some smart Derek Rose sweatpants with, perhaps, one of our amazing Sea Island Cotton polos to take the pressure of one’s overfull stomach. If you’re looking for a more traditional approach to these stately moments, why not replace your lunch blazer and tie with a men’s smoking jacket on top of your shirt? 

As the afternoon wears on you might get a chance to slip out of your more formal lunching attire as you grab an hour to yourself, free from visiting family and friends. So don’t forget that we don’t cater only to men! We also have some fantastic women’s Christmas day outfits to ensure everyone is feeling great all day long. We love the idea of throwing one of our Nina women’s cashmere cardigans on as a super cosy layer for the afternoon, or, if you’re a bit more casual, maybe a lara tee combined with our quinn ladies’ sweatshirt.

The More Formal Moments of Christmas Day 

Whether you choose to have a more formal lunch or dinner, you still want to look amazing and feel great as you chat to your friends and family. So we’ve got some great outfits for Christmas Day mealtimes. 

Whilst we don’t offer formal trousers and shirts, we know that many men nowadays can look super smart and comfortable in our polo shirts, crew neck jumpers and linen shirts. By all means take a close look at what we offer in these categories, but if you’re looking for our absolute go to favourites then keep reading.  

If you’re a dark navy jeans or classic chinos guy, then we’d recommend combining these with either a classic Sea Island cotton polo in navy or whiteor, if you’re concerned about wearing short sleeves, go for our Jacob Sea Island cotton crew neck sweater which can be worn over a tee or on the skin. In the market for a more casual, relaxed yet formal look? The go for one of our Monaco linen shirtsperhaps left untucked. A sleek, slimming fit that is deigned to look great on all body shapes.

If Sea Island cotton isn’t your thing but you’re looking for technically superior fabric that is insanely comfortable…check out our Ramsay tees and polos here.

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying Christmas day under the heat of a summer sun, then take a look at our Linen Collection for that perfect hot weather, casual Christmas day outfit. Stylish, comfortable trousers, shorts, shirts and tee shirts for men and women are available here. Our linen collection has been incredibly well received by the Derek Rose faithful and our Jordan linen tee shirt fabric has to be felt to be believed. People are always surprised at how we managed to make a linen tee that isn’t itchy. 

I’m Done – Off to Bed Please 

Well, we all know who to turn to for our Christmas Day clothing come bedtime! We’ve got you covered with our family pyjama sets classic cotton, silk and micro modal pyjamas for men and women. Don’t forget, if you’re planning ahead this year looking for Christmas day clothing or planning to gift someone your favourite Christmas Day loungewear, then stop by our Christmas Gift Guide for our curated edit of the best gifts this Christmas for everyone in your life. From Stocking Fillers for Men and Women to the Ultimate Christmas gift for him and her we’re here to help you make the most of your free time and make those special moments a little bit better. 

Man and woman sat on a wall in matching pyjamas and cashmere jumpers

Have a great Christmas Day, wherever you and whatever you choose to do. With our very best wishes,  

All the Team 

Derek Rose 

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